Your Grand Re-Opening Plan

As we move forward with the grand re-opening of your city or state, customers will look for new evidence in the way of operational advertising for your store. 

It’s more than a brand promise. Viewed through the consumer lens–It’s more or less–“What will you do for me?” 

So defining the details of delivery terms and distances are crucial for sales as well as service. 

Your store may attempt to improve in operational execution with fewer people on staff. So scaling the operation through geography and time of day becomes vital. For example, don’t tout “same-day delivery” when the right message should be “same-day delivery for orders placed by 11 am”.

Avoid setting expectations you can’t deliver upon at all costs. Then turn to talking about the one thing everyone wants to know about. Cleanliness. Take a moment to highlight the immaculateness of your store, the sanitation of your service, and the overall purity of your daily operations.

Finally, welcome them back–without open arms. Do you need social distancing tape on the floor like at the grocery store? Shaking hands? Hugs? Should your team wear facemasks? Are customers expected to wear them?

How you let your customers know what to expect when they come back is just as important as how you consider the same for your employees.

Whatever you do or however you convey it to your customers–please stay safe out there!