When Counting Google Conversions that Shouldn’t Count

Tracking Google conversions as if they were the ultimate outcome is like running a race without your shoes. Sure, you’ll eventually get there, but it’s likely your time will be slower, and your pain along the way will be greater.

As we move into an era of digital retailing, zip code sales counts will, if they are not already, be the ultimate conversion. Time on site, SRPs, VDPs, form fills, texts, chats, calls, and in-store visits matter when they correlate to sales; however, they often times don’t. 

Symptom control helps contribute to patient well-being, but the greatest influence and responsibility should be exerted to influence the greatest outcome – sales by zip code.

If you’re running those fundamental elements down without looking at sales by zip code, you’re missing an opportunity to do more business. 

Don’t be smarter than the market. Google sure isn’t. In fact, they recently announced a major investment in the travel industry—which some people believe accounts for 10% of all Google revenue— and have actually steered clear of the long, winding road that is automotive. 

There’s a clean, direct, trackable purchase path with the travel industry.

Meanwhile, the automotive industry is highly complex, incredibly competitive and the state of affairs with consumers is in considerable flux. How many stores have delivered a car without someone setting foot in the store via a Digital Retailing experience? 

Editor’s Note: Zip Code tracking solves for a major nuance that will continue to grow and evolve over time.

Moreover, Geographical Amplification by Zip solves for longer-term needs, too–like the service drive as well as your OEM mandates for market share sales efficiency.

There isn’t a secret Google sauce that can be ladled over the industry and labeled a conversion that makes this make sense. No matter the artificial intelligence, machine learning, smart bidding or proprietary algorithms, the best path to sales success is understanding the zip code source of the sale. 

Bar none.

Dreaming of AI to solve for complex consumer minds and unique industry situations, is an exercise no doubt. Just make sure that you fall back to a tangible position that provides more protection and readies you for the next race.

The novelty of running the race without shoes may be exciting to some; however, those that want to continue running, competing and winning will know that zip codes provide the same reliability that tracks shoes afford you–it’s not only this race but the next and the next and the one after that . . .