Video Ads for Facebook

Video is arguably the hottest medium on the Internet. Based on the most recent statistics, the average adult spends nearly one hour watching videos online every day. These users spend a great deal of time watching video content. These statistics make video the ideal tool for advertising on Facebook, and its sister platform Instagram, and quickly developing platforms like TikTok.

What makes Facebook advertising so effective? It’s scalability inherent to finding the target audience you’re looking for precisely. Essentially, it’s taking “broadcast” level tonnage and micro scoping it into meaningful “narrowcasts.”

Facebook lets you build targeted audiences based on many factors, including Online Behavior, Demographics, Interests, and Location. Whoever your target audience is, you’ll find them on Facebook. However, more important is the behavior of the audience you seek and how Facebook’s platform is aligned. Whether it’s reach, landing page activity, engagement, video views, or even leads, you won’t find a platform more oriented to consumers than Facebook.

Large Advertisers Pulling Out

As of this writing, more than 400 high profile advertisers have announced that they are suspending their Facebook ad campaigns. No matter where you stand on the politics, there is no doubt that this is an opportunity for other advertisers to fill the vacuum these boycotts have created.

Ordinarily, Facebook advertisers bid to place their ads in the best spots. Right now, the reduced competition for advertising makes the cost for Facebook advertising, especially attractive.

While no advertising platform can deliver guaranteed results, Facebook advertising has a proven history of success. Perhaps now is the time to strategically roll out video ads on Facebook in conjunction with your other advertising efforts.

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