Values: Consistency

We are well-known for understanding the value of advertising – how much something costs versus how much something is worth. Additionally, we also know our values at Local Search Group.

Value and Values. Two different things.

Local Search Group’s values do much more than establish the financial worthiness of something.

Our Values–summed up in the 7 C’s here – help drive our thinking and actions – and these are values any organization or dealership can adopt to improve their own efficiency as well as their overall culture.

Consistency is a huge part of what we do. In order to maximize performance, everything can’t be an event. Consistency provides poise in moments that matter. It’s a way to look at launching and closing out each month.

We look at each month like a football coach looks at a game during a season. We define the wins, the losses AND the adjustments that need to be made in order to maintain or improve upon our competitive position in the market. Not just for our clients, but for our employees, too.

We even look at the Super Bowl as arguably the world’s largest event for the aspects of consistency that it brings to the table. When we find the consistency in our own event’s–Super Bowls or otherwise–we are able to scale the mountains of work we do for our clients as a team in a repeatable way.

Are you doing the same with your dealership or agency?