Top Ten Digital Retailing Content Pieces for Automotive Executives

Let’s cut to the chase. Digital Retailing is the next wave in the evolution of automotive marketing. If you want to get up to speed faster than your competition take to the fast track below for my Top Ten list of Digital Retailing articles. 

10. Dale Pollak’s NADA Day Two View

Dale’s quick take on VDP’s and Digital Retailing? Digital Retailing doesn’t replace VDP’s.

9. Gregory Arroyo’s Take on Digital Retail

Gregory, Senior Manager of Strategic Content for Dealer Socket, deep dives on Digital Dealer and tackles tough issues like –Should I allow customers to self-desk?

8. DDC’s Digital Retailing pitch.

It’s a form fill for DDC’s Digital Retailing presentation—nicely done.

7. Bill Wittenmeyer on the Impact of Digital Retailing

A video where Bill, VP of ELEADs CRM, discusses shortening the buying process. Tune to  6:52 to catch his smart view to Digital Retailing.

6. Joe Webb’s Lyrical Poem on Digital Retailing

Can you see the “Night Before Christmas” in your mind’s eye as you read this? President of Dealer Knows, Joe, showcases his creative contributions and they are well worth seeing for those in the auto industry. Check out some of his videos here. Moreover, his operational expertise is appreciated by all that know him.

5. How to Outperform Your Digital Retailing Competition

Tim Cox, Co-Founder at Car Now, and Jim Fitzpatrick, Co-Founder of CBT Automotive News speak to the differences between Digital Retailing “buzzwords” and the actuality of what consumers want. Carvana may hold a few keys.

4. A Pasch-ian Panel

Brian, a huge content contributor in the space, takes to the floor of NADA and leads a thought-provoking panel about Digital Retailing. 

He’s joined by Michael Eggerling, Product Marketer for CDK Global, Amit Chandarana the Senior Vice President of Sales and Business Development at Roadster, and the aforementioned Tim Cox, Co-founder of CarNow

Check out some of Brian’s additional Digital Retailing insight on his Digital Retailing podcast as well.

3. MIT’s Take on Five Keys to Digital Retailing

An hour-long webinar with a classic academic approach. You wouldn’t expect any less from MIT! Two straightforward takeaways – Use data to measure the processes. Get ready for disruptive technologies.

2. Digital Retailing Grabs Automakers Attention

Automotive News gets in the game via OEM and vendor views. We’re not buying a pair of shoes . . . or so we’re told. Details are delivered as automakers discuss the challenges of ramping into the space with retail partners.

1. Consumer Reactions to Digital Retailing

Denise Chudy, GM for ContactAtOnce, drives the concept of conversational commerce for cars. She may already be at the next level of digital retailing.

Therese Aleman, Sr. Director Marketing, clarifies consumer pain points and paints the picture of the proper path to transaction.

After listening to the dynamic duo, you start (1) thinking like a consumer and (2) wanting to buy your car via a mobile phone.

Hey, there’s a reason it’s number one! Skip at your own risk.

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