Tik-Tok Leapfrogs Insta-fame

I can see it. It happened right about the same time that Instagram stopped counting likes. It meant that insta-beginning of the end of being Instafamous. But other platforms are here to fill the void.

TikTok anyone? Where you can still quantify likes and see entertaining videos that encourage short-form content consumption. In the process, Tik-Tok’s jumped–no, Tik Tok’s leapfrogged over Instagram–and helped capture the imagination of our country.

Sure Instagram, Facebook, Google, and YouTube will continue to reinvent themselves as mainstays to the phone landscape. Note: I didn’t write digital landscape. No longer are we Digital or Traditional. I’m certain we are “phone-centric”. 

And as we evolve with “Social Distancing” get ready. The phone and social media will be the point of continuity and ultimately human connection in this new socially distant world.