The Shibuya Crossing of Your Dealership

Published on September 24, 2019
by Jim Flint

The Shibuya Crossing holds the title of the world’s busiest intersection. Based in Tokyo, the intersection claims that more than 3,000 people cross in one traffic light cycle. A quiet, motionless countdown quickly consumes the street as a chaotic experience which some like to the equivalent of marbles falling into and then out of a box happens over and over again.

The situation is similar to the electronic experience at your dealership. No, not the number of people coming into and out of your dealership. Floor traffic is undeniably down as consumers shop more and more online and come into fewer stores for transactions.

The Shibuya Crossing in your dealership is your data.

Do you know who is receiving and sending your data? Consumer data is priceless and each dealership should know who, when, and how often they send information. Your inventory is equally as important.

A new age contracts in transit meeting should involve knowing where your data is going at all times.