The Sales Funnel Turned Upside Down and Now Inside Out

Published on October 25, 2019

by Jim Flint

The internet, if not the information age, changed the sales funnel. Forever. Previously marketing goals such as Awareness or Consideration could be delivered via tactics such as Broadcast TV or Direct Mail. With the internet, you jump from top to middle to lower funnel at your whim.

The mobile phone upped the ante. 

Well, that and Attention Deficit Disorder. You have about 1.5 seconds to gain someone’s attention online.  Think Instagram, and how do you create a thumb-stopping experience? That’s what interruption looks like today.

So you must show the product. Hello Consideration. And fast. In today’s digitally ubiquitous times, the brand is built AFTER the purchase because of the speed of the interaction.

Think that sentiment doesn’t apply to automotive? Despite what OEM’s and their Advertisers may want to believe, it applies because that’s the way consumers shop.

Heads up on Carvana. 

They are a marketing experiment turning automotive operations inside out. To date, they have NOT made money, AND they actually charge customers more than dealerships. The business model isn’t robust in that regard; however, the top-line growth is noteworthy because the consumer sentiment is strong. 

Speed and Customer Comfort continue to reshape the sales funnel. 

How are you and your stores adapting?