The Last Dance--And the Jordan Promise

Michael Jordan’s iconic shoe emblem delivers another incredible aerial display as “The Last Dance” comes to market and brings us back to some 30 years ago. Sunday Sports are gone and now for the next 5 weeks, we join Jordan and his teammates to recapture his ability to capture the world’s imagination on ESPN.

The Jordan Brand delivers like no other. In fact, Jordan lamented the series. He felt that others might not necessarily appreciate his tenacity, focus, or ultra-competitiveness. 

The brand still stands tall. 

Air Jordan redefined the shoe market in 1984 and even today the brand continues to take flight. Moreso now as a luxury brand in the Nike line-up and with sales that continue to climb. The Jordan Brand achieved it’s first billion-dollar quarter in Q4 2019. 

As the purchases pile up it makes me wonder–do we buy because the brand promises that we will be able to jump through the air as he did or that we will win NBA championships as he did? Some may. Especially athletes. However, in the end, for the overwhelming majority, the premise is that forever whatever you purchase is that it will add value to your life. 

If you buy your pair of Jordan’s—whether you’re fifteen or fifty—the idea is that it will help YOU jump, if not reach, as high as you can. Not as high as Michael did.