The Experience, Dream, and Reality

Published on January 31st, 2020

By Jim Flint

If you take downward pricing pressure at high inventory levels in the automotive industry to mean that we are in a commodity environment, then keep reading. Otherwise, stop.

Here’s how 2020 stacks up.

The Experience

Most executive decision-makers experienced tremendous growth via the innocent climb of a recovering industry and technological evolution. The internet and our industry snowballed. Together.

The Dream

As a result, decision-makers are looking for the next Google or Facebook or gadget that catapults them to that higher, next level. Just as it did before.

The Reality

The pressure is on the business model this time through, though. You have to consider your operational commitments and advertise accordingly.

It’s how Carvana, Pep Boys, and the best Automotive Retailers are securing their unfair market share. It’s how you can otherwise make sense of the CarMax and Edmunds merger.