Social Distancing in the World of Social Media

Ah, broadcasts. Delivered to you across the nation.

Meet microcasts in the changing new world order. Those short, punchy, quick-hit videos, ranging from twenty second bursts of dancing to 10-minute mini-podcasts. Well, they’re becoming even smaller and more precise as we move forward.

With shortening attention spans in a society with suddenly much more time on its hands, it’s time to Facebook Group, your take, send out a message to your TikTok followers or communicate with your YouTube subscribers.

Microcasting has more than its fair share of one-hit wonders. Once you capture lightning in a bottle though, where to from there? Put another way–Is microcasting sustainable?

Yes—likely more so now than ever before because of the momentum. Social media integrates with social distancing to bring us connection and distraction all that the same time in this time of uncertainty. Call it a coping mechanism, if you will.

All generations are drawn to binge-watching. From full-length movies to short-form phone videos, all ages make time for video consumption. The more into isolation we go, the deeper we’ll go into our phones in order to keep us connected.

Society wants to be entertained. With fewer sporting events and concerts to attend, we, as a world-wide community, will seek and find other ways to entertain ourselves. It’s happening, and if microcast is what they want then microcasts are what will be created.

The more we zoom in, the more opportunity there is for everyone to contribute in their own special, unique ways: as much as “zooming in” and “niche” are important ideas… microcasting will help keep you stay connected during this changing time of social distancing.

Bottom line: The microcast is a perfect medium for frequent communications. It’s short, multiplatform, relatively inexpensive to produce, and easily works into how society wants to consume and share their experiences.

If anything, coronavirus just took microcasting further than it ever would have gone on its own.