Rethinking Possible – Super Bowl Ads

$5 million for a Super Bowl spot in 2019. That’s what the big brands are paying for huge visibility. There is arguably no better way to reach 100+ million people.

All in, there were 5 automotive OEM’s in the mix.  Audi delivered details on their upcoming line of electric vehicles (EV). In the next three years they will bring three new EV’s to market.

Speaking of 3’s. How could or–better yet— should a Tier 3 dealership play in the Super Bowl advertising space?  At the right price and with the right message and support, they arguably should.

First things first: 2019 is over. Start planning for 2020 now.

Fox will televise Super Bowl LIV from Miami. Fox televised Super Bowl 2017 from Houston, and Local Search Group placed regional spots on mobile devices. The efficiency was stunning on a CPM basis, which some argue should be common currency for Automotive Marketing. Valuations for marketing ultimately level out as the number of viewers are determined; however, you won’t know until you ask about the regional Fox over-the-top solution and determine how 2020 looks to be coming together.  Certainly, the growth in over-the-top and App Utilization will continue to drive media spends and cost.

The goal for any agency’s dealer clients should be to get them exposure to where the people are. In an environment where local advertising matters, there will be decidedly different advertisements that work to deliver their message during THE most watched EVENT of next year.

The reach is comparatively less, but so is the cost.

When talking about the right people at the right time on a CPM basis, it all of a sudden makes sense for a dealership to deliver a local Super Bowl spot. In the end, knowing that the audience you are efficiently spending the money to reach is yours makes all the difference.