Marketing - Good For Society

Marketing, in the new world order, isn’t about someone trying to sell you something. It’s connecting with individuals to know them almost as well as they know themselves.

Think about the current COVID situation. We’re in an unprecedented worldwide slowdown. Consumption economies are often driven by feelings. Fear of the unknown does not help.

Marketers are working to help reassure people, as evidenced by the travel industry where hotels and airlines market the flexibility of booking and canceling trips without financial repercussions.

The bottom line is that marketing isn’t just a professional or business construct or even necessarily about your products and services. It’s bigger than that…It’s about how people feel.

And as we go through social distancing, which helps to feed social media, proximity matters less and message matters more. This is great news for marketing.

Marketing is good for society. It is a force for change in our culture. By using it wisely, we’re able to positively impact lives and, in fact, change them for the better.

As a marketer, think about how you can be that positive force for your family, your friends, your clients, and this world.