Local Search Group believes that digital marketing is key to growth and will make the world a better place. As such, we seek to invest in companies aligned with our 7 Cs.

As a firm, part of our 7 Cs is “Charity” which we believe are in line with innovation and community support.

After receiving many requests to make LSG SWAG available to all, we thought this would be the perfect opportunity to align public demand with our commitment to 7 Cs: Communication, Consistency, Coat of Armadillo, Charity, Competitive, Change, and Client.

We hope you enjoy LSG SWAG For Good. With every item purchased, 100% of profits are donated to Houston SPCA – Champions for animal welfare.

LSG’s First Quarter 2021 Goal: Donate $100

How does it work?

          (1) Buy LSG SWAG here.

         (2) LSG keeps $0.

         (3) LSG donates 100% of profits each quarter.

         (4) With your LSG SWAG, you will look good, and we all do good!