Lies, D*mned Lies, and Statistics

Many people attribute the following quote to Mark Twain because he popularized it.

“There are lies, damned lies, and statistics.”

Twain—more than once—correctly attributed the insightful comment to British Prime Minister Benjamin Disraeli. Twain, a great writer, brought the words to life. Disraeli, a career politician, had a way with words as well.

In the era of Big Data the quote—no matter the source—carries an important message.  Most notably, the meaning doesn’t change even when and if the source does.

I present that backdrop to share this—Google has so much data that you have to inspect what you expect as it relates to Google’s data. Especially true when we talk about lies, damned lies and “Conversions”.

One of many meaningful metrics that comes from Google is found in their ability to track Conversions. Watch as I show you how that number looks when we view it through different lenses within the Google Ads platform.

Looks the same, and comes from the same source . . . 

. . . but oh so different.

Don’t worry we’ve got you handled and we know how to get to the conversions that matter most in the automotive space. Showroom visits anyone? Just make sure your Ad Agency is also trekking down the same prosperous path.

Otherwise, you could get sucked into a Conversion game that brings life to the quote above—no matter the source.