It’s a WAR out there - 3 Problems that Local Search Group Solves for Automotive Retailers

The automotive retail industry is competitive. It’s a war out there and you have to know what your agency can do for you. Three things you know you’re getting when you work with Local Search Group follow—starting with the idea that we can help you win the battles you face on the retail front.

Waste Elimination

There is an old saying that goes “you’re wasting half of your money on advertising, you just don’t know which half.” With our demand-side measurements—aka impression share—we look at what consumers want and when they want it. We eliminate waste by shifting and measuring your performance against consumer demand. 

It’s your make, your model and your market with intent supplied by the car-buying public. As we like to note on Search Engines—our specialty—there’s not a cent that’s spent without intent.

Advertising Auction Insights

Did we mention we love to review Auction Insights with our clients? At the end of the month and in real time we look to make sure we have traction where there’s action. 

Given our unique campaign structures for new, used, service and mobile—other agencies and car dealerships in town don’t like our nimbleness. It keeps them guessing and our clients out in front.

Relieving the Burden of Implementation

Do you know that employing Smart bidding strategies for your dealership might be one of the dumbest things you could ever do? 

So, try this angle with your Pay Per Click provider.

First, ask them if they are using Smart bidding strategies with Google Ads. If they say, “Yes” give them their 30-day notice. Here’s why.

Would you bonus your sales team only on completed test drives? No, but Smart bidding does essentially just that. Conversion Data in a down market puts a premium on conversions that aren’t truly conversions. 

To say it more clearly, you’d be counting the steps to the sale that are NOT the actual sale. 

Let’s say you value phone calls, your agency bids like crazy to secure phone calls, and Google’s smart bidding gets you phone calls by the dozens, if not hundreds…

Except the algorithm was built on service phone calls that predict and deliver more service phone calls. Search intent matters more than conversions. 

The Google world is complex, but we love it. Whether it means working to isolate inventory feeds and identifying opportunities with your Digital Retailing links or pricing models, we can help relieve the burden of implementation so you can keep doing what you do best—running your business and selling cars!