Imagine the Future – Five Google Pieces Where the Whole is Greater than the Sum of Its Parts--and the Next Dimension

The future is now. 

At Local Search Group, we pride ourselves on knowing that, “We are the now part of a now business.” 

So, let’s take a look behind the curtain of where Google’s going Right Now.

With the mobile phone at the center of the marketing universe, a key goal of progressive automotive entities would be to integrate Five of Google’s “planets” that orbit around the consumer “Sun” via their mobile phone “moon.”

Google Display, Google Search, Google’s YouTube, Google Maps, and Google My Business are platforms that in this case, represent planets. Google then uses these planets to orbit the phone, acting as the main reflective device in which the consumer serves as the center of our economic solar system.

Take a look at the integrated marketing of each of the Google touchpoints and know that it serves to cumulatively drive store traffic. Right now.

Predictively speaking we’re already working on Google’s next level–via predictive voice capabilities. Without knowing more than the market knows, it’s in the works!