How to Better Your First Impression

The first impression. The possible start of a long-lasting relationship. You have but one chance to get it right. It’s one of those critical pieces where someone makes up their mind about you in less than seven seconds.

You’ve likely had thousands of these experiences…with friends, new acquaintances, business contacts, and in your communities. So how do we improve upon that first experience if the encounter is on FaceTime, over the phone, or via some other social distant experience?

Reverse engineer it. And let’s see it from their view for two or three seconds.

In that opening moment, you more or less capture a sense of who the other person. Endeavor to hear and recall their name. Then quickly shift to discover what it is that are they seeking from you? Their motive.

Build from there and think RELATIONSHIP.

In these important, initial interactions the insight is that it’s a human being you’re communicating with…not a machine. There is no algorithm to solve.

In the end, the more socially distant you are the more socially present you should be–especially so in the very beginning.