Granting 3 Wishes to Take the Wish Out of Marketing

If given three wishes by a genie to help better support our clients’ goals, I’d ask these three questions:

1. What’s your cost per sale?

2. What’s your impression share for your name?

3. How many salespeople do you have?

Sure, there are hundreds of questions to ask. Millions of data points.

Knowing these three things month in and month out, I’d be able to deliver the best marketing and advertising to our clients.

With those three answers, a calendar, Google Analytics and the Internet available to count the client’s cars, I’d be able to stack the odds in favor of our clients. Just like counting cards in Vegas.

For guidance on each of the above, think about targets of less than $350, impression share greater than 80% and 10 sales per staffed person. How the plans get assembled, how the creative gets executed, and how the sales results get measured helps to take the wish out of the marketing.