Four Differences Between Digital & Operational Marketing Agencies

As a digital marketing agency in the era of Big Data, we use technology to drive more meaningful outcomes for our clients.

Local Search Group is absolutely a Digital Marketing Agency, but we like to think of ourselves as an Operational Marketing Agency. Here are at least four reasons why.

We look for the limits.

Secure the right levels of inventory, sales support and then advertise. When advertising, consider your cost per sale and the direction it’s trending. Add to the mix our game plans for impression share bidding and inventory management and you start seeing the type of efficiencies we help build into your dealership’s sales operations.

We consider the calendar.

Seasonality matters in the car business. It impacts new cars, used cars and service. Repeatedly being in the right places at the right times ensures better odds that your store will be the right choice for prospective customers.  Five-weekend Fridays and five-weekend Saturday months should be indexed for sales and spending. Model year-end and calendar year-end events should be integrated into the plan with quick follow-ups to deliver productive used car sales months.

We live in a “now” world.

Our meetings with clients involve real-time data updates. No doubt, we review last month, but that’s so-–well—last month.

We bring in data that shows where and how your competitors are spending month-to-date. Think that matters much? We do.

We’ve found when making competitive adjustments for our clients we advantage them for up to 45 days’ worth of run time. Our mid-month adjustments are so powerful because the market can’t digest our changes until they’ve had more time to normalize them against a 30-day window.

Relevant Automotive Retail Experience (RARE)

Sure, it’s rare for other vendors to have the RARE combination of Relevant Automotive Retail Experience, but it is what we bring to the table.

When it comes down to connecting the dots to real, retail implications our employees have worked in dealerships as F&I Producers, GSMs, Controllers, Title Clerks, eCommerce Directors and the like. It matters.

There’s much more to the story, but at its core, it’s where we separate ourselves and more importantly our clients from the competition.