Five Drivers of Google Ad Excellence

How can you go from good to great in the hyper-competitive Google ad space? Here are five keys to help drive ad relevance, quality score, and overall ad performance.

1. Run Three or More Ads per Group

The whole point of running at least two ads per ad group is to see which one performs better. Try three so that you continually rotate one out of the mix. It will also keep you fresh and focused each month.

2. Optimize Ad Rotations

Lean into Google’s Algorithm for optimized Ad Rotations. Their highly touted machine learning and artificial intelligence can improve your business. As an advertiser, keep the copy fresh and pay attention to how consumers connect with you.

3. Ten or More Ad Extensions Enabled

There are at least six automatic extensions and 11 manual extensions. Grab as many as you can and keep them updated. Call extensions, location extensions, and promotion extensions are just the beginning. For a more complete list click here. If you land in the top spot, you’ll be glad you have more versus fewer extensions because of the virtual real estate that Google brings to your advertising property.

4. Ad Copy

Move beyond the numbers in the reports and work through the words, too… Get original. Stay fresh. A new month affords new copy-writing opportunities. Enjoy the process and keep your copywriting up-to-date.

5. After the Click

If it looks like a duck, and quacks like a duck, your job is to make sure that it is actually a duck on the other side of the click. 

If your ad scent isn’t oh so right, you’ll be quite wrong. Now, more than ever before your ad copy should be authentic, performance-related and arguably innovative—ie, see note on ad extensions above. 

Follow these five drivers for Google Ad excellence and you’ll be well on your way to the next level of performance improvements for your Google Ads.