Enjoy the Evolution: COVID-19's Change

The way we purchase and service vehicles may never be the same due to COVID-19. However, in the stores I visit, it seems there’s more of an evolution than a revolution going on. Enjoy the evolution. 

The staff is down. Inventory is tight. Shoppers are buyers. Contactless sales deliveries ARE up. But only marginally.

Be thankful we aren’t in a revolution and know that it’s a great time to work through the processes needed to improve and execute. Evolutions turn out to be much better than revolutions. We can evolve this change into a more productive, mutually beneficial space for employees and customers.

As dealerships go online, become paper-free, and deliver contactless deliveries, good employees will solve for unknowns. 

However, the best retailers will develop consistencies for their customers so that all of our employees will adhere to a standard that takes associates out of the store and closer to the homes of the customers we serve. 

Are you evolving? It’s more or less time to evolve. Morning walkarounds of used car inventories and role plays for overcoming customer objections should NOW, post-COVID-19, also include scenarios for “contactless” deliveries. 

Consumers will continue to have higher expectations, and your competition will continue to evolve. So too will space and so too will you.