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It’s an age-old question with a straightforward answer: who wants to be a millionaire? Well, everyone does, of course! The tough part is figuring out how. And believe it or not, if you’re a dealer or manager in the automotive industry, you might be missing out on one of the biggest ways to increase your earning potential. The best part? You already have all of the tools and resources you need at your disposal.

As a twenty-year veteran marketer renowned for growing businesses of all types, Jim Flint knows firsthand the difference a dealer’s digital presence can bring to real-life sales. And in Car Dog Millionaire, he shares the valuable research he’s conducted over the years–combined with Google’s own astonishing data on how website visits correlate to car sales.

Using an entertaining quiz show format, this guide will let you know the truth about the power of online marketing and how this information can be used to your advantage. In addition to real-life research, trivia, and valuable advice, you’ll be able to read candid conversations with car dealers as they put these methods to work for themselves and address the most successful strategies for improving their sales.

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In Car Dog Millionaire, join digital sales and marketing expert Jim Flint as he guides you on a journey to discover…

  • A fascinating look at how the Internet is fundamentally changing the way everyone buys cars
  • The most vital ratio your dealership needs to predict profitability and drive performance in the 21st century
  • A precise breakdown of the highest impact areas for advertising budget allocation
  • The 4 new formulas to set, track, and achieve ambitious sales goals
  • How to attract the right talent for your dealership and train them to maximize their strengths
  • What 3 variables you must measure before you start driving traffic to your dealership
  • The 8 most relevant social media sites and how you should be using them

To unlock your selling potential, let Car Dog Millionaire show you how to build an Internet dealership and intercept customers in the most critical phase of the buying cycle. With a game show format filled with trivia and candid dealer conversations, this book is one entertaining ride.

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Jim Flint, Car Dog Millionaire author

Jim Flint is a recognized leader in the areas of marketing, advertising, and digital sales operations, as well as a twenty-year veteran of the industry. The owner of the digital marketing agency Local Search Group, he is best known for his seemingly magical ability to grow every business he touches, having previously worked with Nike, Toyota, and a number of multi-franchise dealer groups.

Michelle Lenzen, Car Dog Millionaire author

Michelle Lenzen is a graduate of the University of Illinois, where she earned her degree in advertising. A freelance writer, certified teacher, and professional online marketer, she also studied comedy at the Second City in Chicago and lends her skills to making boring business stuff more entertaining in Car Dog Millionaire, her debut book cowritten with Jim Flint.


“Jim’s been listening to dealers, talking to dealers and helping them. You can tell. Any General Manager that misses this message isn’t all that interested in the future of the car business.”
– Renee Stuart, Founder of Reputation Revenue


“You really can teach an old dog new tricks. Filled with real examples and how-to strategies for beating the competition in the digital world, Jim’s book is the new standard for dealers wanting to step up their game.”
– Cliff Banks, President of Banks Media Enterprises