Blog Article / April 19, 2019

What are the Odds?

On any given day, weathercasters in our area predict a 20% chance of rain. It’s…

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Blog Article / April 16, 2019

Change Again! When? Now!

Change matters. The speed of change matters. Don’t change for change’s sake.  How to sort…

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Blog Article / April 5, 2019

Social Media Transformation

There are three huge ways to transform the Social Media at your Dealership Tell Your…

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Blog Article / April 1, 2019

Local Search Group proudly announces an entirely new concept in automotive retail via “Dealers…

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April Fool’s Courtesy of Local Search Group
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Blog Article / March 29, 2019

Three Keys to Changes in Google’s Algorithm

Local Search Group CEO & Founder Jim Flint share some tips for dealers on how…

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Accolades / March 26, 2019

Three Tips in Three Seconds: Speed Matters

The biggest driver of customer satisfaction today is speed. As many have heard by now,…

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Blog Article / March 5, 2019

Fundamental Attribution Error for Car Shopping

The Fundamental Attribution Error reminds us that people tend to unduly emphasize internal character, rather…

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Blog Article / February 4, 2019

Rethinking Possible – Super Bowl Ads

$5 million for a Super Bowl spot in 2019. That’s what the big brands are…

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Blog Article / February 1, 2019

Fog Machine: Digital Retailing

by Jim Flint San Francisco is famous for fog. The city’s given a nickname to…

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