Consulting / March 27, 2020

Social Distancing in the World of Social Media

Ah, broadcasts. Delivered to you across the nation. Meet microcasts in the changing new world…

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Consulting / February 21, 2020

Services vs. Products

As an automotive retailer, you should know the answer to this question about your brand….

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Blog Article / January 31, 2020

The Experience, Dream, and Reality

Published on January 31st, 2020 By Jim Flint If you take downward pricing pressure at…

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Consulting / January 25, 2020

Personalization at Scale in 1st Party Databases

Birthdays are pretty important to millennials. Critically important in their life cycles, I’d say. During…

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Consulting / January 17, 2020

Client Success
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Consulting /

Chasing Your Tail or Serve, Serve, Serve the Customer

As we chase customers, we are starting to chase our tails. Not smarter than the…

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Consulting / January 10, 2020

Welcome Center vs Detention Center : Dealer Websites

Here’s the challenge. Is your website a Welcome Center or a Detention Center? My reasoned…

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Consulting / December 20, 2019

2020 Steps to the Sale

As we close out the calendar and any given month, the steps to a sale…

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Consulting / December 13, 2019

Two Supply-Side Metrics for Agencies and Their Clients

Two things to consider in today’s uncertain times. Agencies should consider at least two key…

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Consulting / December 6, 2019

Who’s Got Next?

In a race to bring leads to dealerships, Facebook and Google – via YouTube, too—are…

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