Are You the Right Fit?

Five Reasons Why Someone Might Not Be a Good LSG Employee

Sometimes it isn’t just about what you are. It’s what you aren’t. Five reasons why you might not be a great fit as a Local Search Group (LSG) employee are detailed below.


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1) You’re comfortable with losing

You put some work into maintaining accounts or following leads, but there’s no sweat on your brow if a client is upset enough to cancel, or if a lead falls through. You think that you did all the work necessary and you move on. Difficult clients should be treated with the same care and respect as more amicable clients. Our clients depend on our services to sell cars. Losing is not an option.


2) You don’t care about cars

Maybe a car is just a ride to and from work to you. If you didn’t need a car, you wouldn’t have one. You certainly can’t tell the difference between a Jeep Grand Cherokee Summit and a Jeep Cherokee Limited. If you don’t care about cars, how can you work for a company who makes it their business to care enough about cars to actually help dealers sell them?

If you don’t care about cars, how can you write convincing blogs about the new 2015 Kia K900 or create eye-catching PPC ads featuring the all-new Ford Mustang or F-150? Most importantly, if you don’t care about cars, how can a dealer trust that you put your best work into ensuring that their digital advertising is topnotch? LSG employees who don’t care about cars are quite simply not LSG employees.


3) You hate change

The world of digital marketing is changing every day, as is true for any new industry. The rules for Google and Facebook must be monitored and changes must be made to our services as necessary. Change in the form of innovation on part of the company is not only encouraged — but required. The best digital marketing companies are leaders in innovation. If you are reluctant or even opposed to change, LSG is not the place for you.


4) You have thin skin

Our clients are car dealers, some of whom pride themselves on their strong personalities. They are very protective of their businesses and they know how competitive the market is. They do not place their trust in others lightly. As a digital marketing company for the automotive industry, it is our job to honor that trust and understand the dealer’s needs. We do not let demanding personalities get under our skin and affect our promise to our clients. If you don’t handle strong personalities well, you will not do well as an LSG employee.


5) You cannot communicate effectively

You didn’t enjoy writing papers in school and you dreaded written examinations. You also hated getting in front of the class and presenting a project for fear of what others might think. As a Local Search Group employee, your life will revolve around both written and oral communication. Your writing is what car buyers will see on our client’s webpages. LSG will depend on your oral presentation skills to effectively communicate our services to both prospective and current clients. Efficient digital marketing companies cannot function without the best in both oral and written communication.

If these values are important to you as well and you’d like to know more about what makes a great Local Search Group check out the job descriptions for the positions we have available today!