A Decade of Change

To our friends, colleagues, and professional community:

It’s not a great time to celebrate our anniversary. Not with so much going on. So many people impacted by forces well beyond their control. The emotional choice and rational choices are confusing, and we all seem to know that things will be different.

As a company, Local Search Group established our values early on via our 7 C’s. It’s what we stand for collectively, and more recently, our core value of “change” has never been more important.

As we acknowledge a decade’s worth of digital marketing and the corresponding journey, Local Search Group, one of the fastest-growing ad agencies in the nation, grew quickly, and we changed.

Our journey continues to change. This year alone, we’ve experienced more change than arguably the previous nine years combined. 

The journey starts and continues with people and the stories they tell via the experiences we share. Change continues to move us forward from employees as the foundation to our incredible clients to the customers that we connect with. 

With a focus on the service aspect of our business and the personal relationships we’ve built from the beginning, we’ve continued to thrive.

While we will continue to change and grow, we will embrace our service DNA via the 7 C’s of our culture. 

As much as some things change, other things stay the same. In the beginning, we wanted to be the “Now Part of a NOW business.” This motivation sustains.  

Thank you to all the people that have contributed to the Local Search Group story through the years, it’s incredible what we have accomplished in these fast-changing times.