3 Reasons Why Loyalty to Technology is Greater than Loyalty to Cars

Despite efforts to chase down loyalty in the automotive industry –  the path to a repeat purchase is an even tougher feat. Here are three reasons why loyalty to technology is greater than the loyalty to cars:

1 – Market Research

Ask a millennial which mattered more — first car or first phone?

My nephew, Philip, who will be attending his first class at Ole Miss in just a few days, summed it up wonderfully.

My first phone mattered more because it allowed for me to do a great number of things that I couldn’t do before, while the car provided just one service.

2 – Technological Freedom from the Technology Companies

Apple CarPlay works and works well. 

Now ask yourself, “Are we plugging the phone into the car? Or plugging the car into the phone?”

3 – Retention Rates

92% of the people that own an iPhone replace it with an iPhone. 

Meanwhile, there’s a 14% same-store retention rate for new car buyers. 

Staggering numbers–especially in comparison.

As we move forward, Google’s Waymo and driverless cars are designed to allow consumers to spend more time engaging with their phones and less time engaging with their cars.

There’s little doubt about whether consumers are engaging more and caring more about their phones in today’s society. Are your advertising and marketing plans reflecting this changing world order?