2020 - What You Make Of It

The news turned into coronavirus coverage a few months ago. Business closures, cancellations of concerts, stock market up and down, sports suspended. School’s out for the summer and possibly even into the fall. 

With so much happening so fast, we have a never-ending and seemingly constantly-compressing news cycle. Here’s where you come in though, to begin the process of choosing the story.

With more time than ever to consume information–according to eMarketer–our media consumption in the US is up by over an hour versus the prior year. More generically, 40% of the lift comes via a category referred to as “mobile phone, non-voice”. More specifically, Tik Tok’s average minutes per visitor are up over 45%. 

As we roll further into 2020, the key is not to get too caught up in the hype and cycle and know that you ultimately control the messages you consume. What does your TikTok feed look like? For that matter, what does your feed look like for any of the algorithmic sites –like Facebook– that you frequent?

As we look forward to the election the conditions for consumption will drive visibility to all-time highs. The probability of extreme polarity shouldn’t be lost on anyone. It’s about what you choose to view in your feed, though. As we already know, the world will still be here.