Media Production

At Local Search Group, not only do we manage the placement and reporting of our online ads, but we also design and produce the ads. We believe in forming trusting relationships and choose to provide for our clients at every step of the process.


Graphic Design

Local Search Group uses graphic design artists both in-house and externally to provide clients with a wide breadth of talent and design variations. Online ad designs include: Google and Facebook display ads, animated banners, and website design.

media production - display ad


Using our in-house Green Room, we can shoot pre-roll video ads, exclusive website videos, full-length commercials, and more. Production is also done in-house or externally through our high-quality partners who help us to create and provide the most attention-grabbing videos for our clients. For more information and examples of our pre-roll production work, check out our Pre-Roll Video Production page!


Voice Over (VO)

For our popular SEO comparison blogs and videos, we provide footage of the particular model, along with a script read by voice over (VO)  talent. We use both in-house and outsourced VO professionals to communicate the comparisons between two models. This is just one of the many ways we ensure our clients’ messages deliver clearly, professionally, and effectively.