E-Mail Marketing

Local Search Group offers an e-mail marketing service which allows your message to reach a targeted audience based on data gathered from zip codes and third-party data providers. We guarantee a minimum of 100,000 recipients and impressions within your market. These impressions lead to website visitors, which turn into leads, and end in sales.

The best way to get traffic into your store is through your website!

One of the most effective methods for reaching thousands of existing and potential customers at one time is through e-mail marketing. An e-mail blast may include information about current or upcoming manufacturer specials, dealership incentives, inventory highlights, product information, available service information, and any other topic you feel would attract the attention of your target customer base.

E-mail marketing

How do we target e-mail recipients?

Through external data sources, we have the ability to locate current buyers and potential buyers of a specific product within your primary market. This becomes especially useful when you have a certain product you’re having trouble moving. You select the exact type of buyer you want to reach, tailor your message specifically to them, and let Local Search Group guarantee they receive the message. We also have the ability to geo-target our e-mails through the use of zip codes. Choose to target zip codes in proximity with your store, or, if you know which of your competitors gained market share recently, choose to target zip codes in proximity with their store. All recipients on our lists are double opted-in and Can-SPAM Act compliant. Meaning, they expressed a willingness to receive e-mails about special purchasing opportunities.


Would you like a guaranteed minimum of 250,000 impressions with your e-mail blasts? Request a complimentary consultation with one of our Account Directors and learn more about our E-Mail + Banner Ad Remarketing offers!