Dynamic Call Tracking

At Local Search Group, we know how important it is for our clients to have the ability to track every incoming phone call. For a business focused on lead generation, knowing the source of incoming leads is invaluable.

How does Dynamic Call Tracking work?

Typically with Adwords, Google will decide, based on certain criteria, to show a phone number on an advertisement. A user can click the phone number on the ad and call the business from the advertisement. This is referred to as “Click-to-Call”. It is only at this point in time (when a user does a search) that the trackable phone number is available. If the user clicks on the ad to the site, but then calls later, Google does not have a way of knowing if the phone call occurred and no credit is received for the call.

At Local Search Group, we use a third party service provider which allows us to dynamically change the phone number on a website to one capable of tracking. A code is placed on the website, and if a visitor clicks through an ad and to the business’ website, it will change the usual phone number to one of our tracking numbers. The phone call still goes to the same place, as it is simply forwarded.Dynamic Call Tracking

Why do we do this?

1. We can track phone calls that occur outside of the initial click. A cookie saves the number, so even if a customer revisits the website a week later, or from a different source, they’ll still see our tracking number, and we can get credit for the phone call. This helps secure incoming, trackable leads for an extended period of time.
2. We can record phone calls. Clients can listen to phone calls afterwards for quality assurance, reference, and many other purposes.
3. We can provide phone call data for campaigns that typically do not have a phone call option. Certain ad campaigns are unable to show a phone number, or others typically do not generate immediate phone calls. This feature also works with other platform, like Bing and Facebook.
4. Our numbers work with every visit to the ad. Google does not show the phone number on their ads 100% of the time.


The clearest benefit of our Dynamic Call Tracking service is the ability to track the source of a call over multiple platforms like Google, Bing, and Facebook, and the ability to record incoming phone calls for quality assurance and reference purposes.


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