Twitter Marketing

Companies that use Twitter and Twitter marketing average two times more leads per month than those that do not. [1] Twitter is a micro-blogging site allowing you to stay connected with your customers in under one hundred and forty characters. This social media platform provides several portals in which to stay in front of potential customers. Our social media experts at Local Search Group create custom Twitter business pages that increase your visibility through:



Distribution on Directories

Local Search Group adds your Twitter profile to the top directories ensuring your customers can find you. We establish keywords based on your company’s location and products allowing you to connect with potential consumers who may not have had your business originally in mind.

Trending Topics

Trending Topics uses an algorithm to identify the most current and most popular topics, highlighting the hottest emerging trends. When users search a trending topic, accounts that have been discussing the topic will be on display for those users. Typically, those users will then visit the account and read the post. Our social media experts keep up with trending topics in your area and get you involved in the discussion, putting your business in front of more potential clients.

Follow Fridays

Your social media expert will set up Follow Fridays to thank your newest followers and grow your Twitter community. If a user has followed your account recently, we will, in return, follow their account as a part of Follow Fridays. This shows the user your company recognizes and appreciates their interest in your account, products, and services.

[1] Hubspot state of inbound marketing lead generation report (march 2010)