eMarketer predicts 169 million people, or 71% of US internet users, will be watching online video each month by the end of 2012.


As more and more people rely on streaming online media to fulfill their television needs, pre-roll video will grow increasingly popular amongst marketing companies.

Pre-roll video ads are typically 30-second long online commercials that viewers must sit through prior to watching their desired TV show or clip online. Research shows that customers prefer and pay more attention to interactive pre-roll video advertisements over any other kind of ad.

Online video is the fastest growing and most effective way to advertise online due to the very nature of its delivery. Unlike traditional television ads, pre-roll video enables marketers to include interactive calls-to-actions, like special offers, where customers can click through to your dealership’s homepage or specified landing pages. In fact, pre-roll video advertising has a much higher click through rate (CTR) than nearly any other type of video ad, which means more buying traffic to your website.

Local Search Group develops enticing pre-roll video ads for your dealership that work to:

1) Optimally Target

Pinpoint ideal consumers & maximize your marketing budget.
In traditional commercials, you cast a wide net, hoping to lure in individuals who are in the market to buy your product. With pre-roll ads, you choose where you advertise. Local Search Group can pinpoint targeting options by:

-Website: select the websites your target audience frequents

-Location: hone in on precise geographical regions

-Context: isolate topics and keywords your potential customers use frequently so your ad appears alongside relevant information.

2) Interactively Engage Consumers

Enhance your accessibility and sell more.
Video ads encourage customer interaction. One simple click on your ad redirects your viewers directly to your website, which inevitably will increase sales. Furthermore, video ads generally drive traffic to your website at a lower cost-per-click.

3) Captivate Your Audience

Change your methods and lure in your audience.
Satellite radio and DVRs give consumers the ability to skip the very commercials/advertisements that dealerships allocate so much of their funding to create. Whereas Pre-roll video marketing requires users to view your interactive ads before they’re able to watch their desired content.

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Pre-Roll FAQs

1. Where do your pre-roll video ads appear?
As active partners with Google’s Video Ad Network, Local Search Group displays your pre-roll video ads on multiple popular sites including:

• YouTube
• Facebook
• Yahoo
• RoadandTrack • Verbmoto
• Metacafe
• Ustream
• allisports

2. How are you charged?
You only pay if the viewer stays tuned for at least 30 seconds (or to the video ad’s end, whichever is less).

Want to learn more about how pre-roll video will revolutionize marketing for your company? Download our eBook and discover why pre-roll is such a big automotive digital marketing hit! 

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