Automotive Pay-Per-Click Campaign Management

In the competitive auto sales industry today, dealerships maximize their success when they:

  • Deliver a significant online presence
  • Utilize display ads & remarketing techniques
  • Monitor & exhibit up-to-date inventory
  • Master online marketing for the mobile-savvy world

At Local Search Group, our team of digital experts design automotive pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns, display ads and mobile campaigns that enhance how prospective clients view your online presence.

pay per click for automotive dealerships

Pay per Click Campaign Management Made Easy.

Pay-Per-Click Campaigns

Wondering how we do it? We develop automotive pay per click campaigns personalized to promote your specific dealership and your current inventory. Our custom online marketing campaigns and attention to detail grant you the ability to select the makes, models and markets that matter most.

Using advanced targeting techniques and sophisticated software, we reach your online customers more frequently, consistently and precisely than anyone in the business.

    1. Geographic Targeting: we pinpoint consumers by country, state, city and zip code enabling us to customize each online ad for optimal relevance. Using geographic targeting, we can target those customers closest to you.
    1. Consumer Retargeting: we identify those individuals who’ve previously visited your website and display your online ads to them as they browse other websites.  With consumer retargeting, we ensure repeat online customers keep your business top-of-mind.
    1. Behavioral & Demographic Targeting: we analyze online consumers’ behavioral patterns, demographics and interest levels. We then display your ads on websites which your target clientele are most likely to visit.
    1. 24/7 Custom Reports & Integrated Web Analytics: we present all of our clients with around-the-clock access to custom detailed reports that track the success of your campaigns

edge inventory pay per click

Edge Inventory Pay-Per-Click

Local Search Group’s Edge Inventory PPC campaigns drive customers straight to the vehicle they searched for on Google, Yahoo, or Bing. We evaluate each vehicle’s inventory status and deliver display ads to online consumers at a rate relative to your inventory volume. With Edge Inventory, you can foster relationships with brand new buyers without spending your automotive marketing budget on vehicles you don’t currently have on your lot.

Automotive Online Marketing

Display Ads & Remarketing

Display Ads:  we place our dynamic and visually-enticing banner ads on high traffic sites, promoting your products and services to your ideal audience. Online marketing dramatically increases your online brand awareness, reduces your cost-per-click (CPC) and optimizes your internet marketing budget.

Remarketing: we use technology to pinpoint your website’s previous visitors, and serve them your banner ads as they frequent other websites. A highly innovative technique, remarketing cultivates relationships with potential clients and effectively expedites the sales process.

iphone & android

Mobile Pay per Click

Our custom mobile PPC campaigns, tailored specifically for mobile devices, are equipped with click-to-call and phone tracking capabilities that forward calls directly to your sales team. Through Local Search Group’s automotive mobile marketing campaigns, consumers can begin the car-purchasing process with a simple touch of a button.


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